April 12, 2022

Episode 61: Steph Jagger and Everything Left to Remember

On this episode: World records, cedar trees and ravens, rugby, and the best way to buy books if you want to benefit authors. We’re talking with Steph Jagger, author of Unbound, in which she chronicles a journey skiing and “accidentally” getting the most vertical feet skied in a year, and her new book Everything Left to Remember.

Show Notes

  • 00:35 – Introducing Steph Jagger
  • 02:40 – How Steph accidentally got the world record for the total vertical feet skied in one year
  • 04:35 – Skiing in South America
  • 06:35 – As a writer, describe the process of writing the second book
  • 13:22 – What Everything Left to Remember is about
  • 29:30 – Special moments from the trip that you will always hold tight?
  • 32:20 – Old Faithful, living in the moment and experiencing the beauty
  • 38:30 – Growing up skiing and playing rugby 
  • 45:00 – Advice to anyone who wants to write a book about their journeys 
  • 49:00 – How Steph selected the quotes that appear at the beginning of each chapter
  • 56:40 – Where to get the new book (which comes out on April 26, 2022), and why pre-ordering is awesome for authors
  • 60:00 – The Adventurus Women Book Club with Steph (supporting the Alzheimer’s non-profit Hilarity for Charity)

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