October 26, 2021

Episode 49: Jamie Wallis of Handup Gloves (and a Big Lonely Recap)

On this episode: gloves, sizing charts, the gateway drug to road cycling. We’re talking with Jamie Wallis, co-owner of Handup Gloves, and we get a recap of Jeff’s experience on The Big Lonely with Jesse Blough.

Show Notes

  • 00:35 – Introductions and how Handup got started
  • 05:20 – The challenge of finding good biking gloves
  • 06:40 – Putting sayings on the palms, and the community effect
  • 09:20 – The positive side of social media
  • 12:30 – Online shopping live with Jason
  • 14:30 – What’s a “kit?”
  • 16:45 – How big is Handup today?
  • 21:38 – Any designs that didn’t do as well as you expected?
  • 24:35 – Motherhood and juggling
  • 27:00 – Talking about the fun in life
  • 28:45 – Jamie’s bikes and how she got started biking (hint: it involves butter biscuits and sweet tea)
  • 32:55 – Where to buy Handup Gloves 
  • 34:45 – Advice for anyone wanting to start a business in the cycling business
  • 37:00 – Gloves That Give program
  • 39:35 – The future?
  • 41:00 – PBR and other collaborations
  • 45:00 – Wrap up
  • 46:45 – Recap of Jeff’s experience on The Big Lonely with Jesse Blough (who you might remember from Episode 24)

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