August 3, 2021

Episode 45: Tyler Emmett – Outdoorsman, Cinematographer & Cameraman

On this episode: Bill Murray, 180° South, mountain lions, and hunting around in the woods, trying to be quiet. We’re talking with Ty Emmett, outdoorsman, camera person and cinematographer with a love for the outdoors.

Show Notes

  • 00:50 – Introducing Tyler Emmett
  • 03:00 – How Tyler ended up working on 180° South
  • 07:40 – Two degrees of separation between Tyler and Jason
  • 10:00 – Working on MeatEater (and a mountain lion story)
  • 24:30 – Saveria, a dog and a bear
  • 26:45 – What it’s like to carry the camera gear for filming MeatEater
  • 36:45 – Advice for people wanting to film outdoor adventures
  • 42:00 – Where Tyler would go with two weeks off to go anywhere 
  • 46:00 – The Bill Murray connection
  • 49:50 – Where to find Tyler on the interwebs

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You can find Tyler on Instagram at @ty_Emmett and on the web at

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